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The Humanists' Choice: Capitalism or Socialism 01.03.2011

"I am asked: Are you humanists for capitalism or socialism? I will reply as well as I can. I want to hear your answers". (V. S. Bogoyavlensky)
Leading humanists of Russia debate it.

How a Russian Scam Artist "Saved" America 22.07.2010

"Do you know, than in 2003 the US was on the verge of disaster? Judge for yourself. And it would have perished if not for a man from Russia who calls himself a Ph. D., professor, and academician. His name is Viktor Petrik". (Valery Lebedev, Igor Krishtafovitch)

Russian Inventor Has Friends in Kremlin, but Skeptics Outside It 09.03.2010

"He has won some high-level support. United Russia, the ruling party, regularly gives him prominent roles in events on innovation, while officials including Boris Gryzlov, the speaker of Russia's parliament and No. 2 in the party, have publicly endorsed his products". (Gregory L. White)

Petrikgate 16.02.2010

"When trying to understand why something like this would happen in Russia its probably worth to remember Victor Petrik s words referring to his inventions: Dont try to understand anything! Its impossible to understand! As soon as you try to use knowledge, youll misfire youll fail! (Karina Nazaretyan)

RAS suppots a pseudoscientist? 14.12.2009

The appeal from Russian science journalists to the leadership of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

The Fuss Over Science 06.12.2009

"So would all of world science would move forward at a snail's pace, if no naturally gifted person appears among us who embraces a multitude of spheres of knowledge with his titanic mind and begins to advance into the unknown with colossal speed? This person is Viktor Ivanovich Petrik". (Ehduard Kruglyakov)

Pseudoscience and Its Victims 08.11.2009

Professor Eduard Kruglyakov, Chairman of the Russian Academy of Science's Commission to Combat Pseudoscience and the Falsification of Scientific Research is interviewed by a Ukrainian magazine about the dangers presented by pseudoscience.