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The Fraud, or "academician" Petrik in Rasputin's Russia*

For almost two decades in newspapers and magazines and even on national television channels they have been breathlessly talking about the Russian genius Viktor Ivanovich Petrik. He is called the Russian Leonardo da Vinci, Humboldt, Nikola Tesla, and also simply a Russian Lomonosov, Kulibin, and Cherepanov father and son. What is little more he would have become not only father and son but a holy spirit. He is seen as a space alien, a Prometheus, who brought people mysterious knowledge from far galaxies.

Judge for yourself. Petrik discovered a means of obtaining any gemstones and putting miniature highly artistic images of sheikhs, emirs, kings, metropolitans, the Patriarch, and anyone he wanted in the future. In the basement of his house on his personal machine he has manufactured an entire kilogram of "the isotope osmium-187", although osmium-187 itself is already an isotope, and there are no isotopes of isotopes. What is more, the need for osmium-187 in the entire world is a total of a couple of hundred grams (with a price of no less than $150,000 a gram). Petrik proposed to use this isotope to protect against counterfeiting of currency and credit cards. (Yes, with people like Petrik you need to watch out for your money). He has made his way into the nanoworld and manufactured miraculous filters which cleanse water of any filth. He discovered a secret of ancient Egypt and Stradivarius' violin and personally erected Cheops' pyramid under a plot of land (underground) in his own estate not far from Lake Ladoga. He has made outstanding discoveries in psychology and discovered the secret of thought. He invented a cylinder which never stops rotating. Journalists do not yet call this cylinder a perpetual motion machine but the clearly imply it.

Therefore they write that if he were in the West Viktor Petrik would have received two, three, or more Nobel prizes. But Petrik is a Russian patriot and stays in his native land, satisfied with the people's overwhelming love.

Petrik himself is seemingly modest. When a journalist compared him with Nikola Tesla or some other titan of science Petrik replies, "I consider this person a genius…but in some problems I have advanced a bit further…"

This is correct. In some problems Viktor Ivanovich has moved much further. Journalists somehow pass over the early years of the giant of all sciences. And even his mature years. But not so long ago, in the perestroika years, he spent eight year in prison for swindles and scams. He was even indicted on 13 counts of the Criminal Code. He completed the full course of prison sciences, so to speak, in the department of "Economic Crimes". He bought real things and did not pay for them, sold non-existent things and received a lot of money. He was released in 1989. And returned to the past, but in the toga of a scientist. He worked in the field of the macro- and microworld. Petrik's inventions, which were impossible to see without a special microscope, also invented by him, existed in the microworld, but so secret that it was also impossible to see it. But his scientific degrees appeared in the macroworld, rather, diplomas about his being awarded them.

In younger years (as some journalists have noted) he studied in Leningrad State University. But he did not graduate and started to study "from physics". Not having graduated "from physics" (and not even having begun) this universalist and encyclopedist suddenly began to work "as a senior engineer on atomic nuclei", bypassing the junior and middle stages. It considerably simpler than climbing from junior to senior to manufacture the diploma of an engineer (or, as it turned out later, to simply buy one from a trader in an underground passage)

His official biography seems that way (although there is no mention in it of his course in prison sciences nor that he graduated from any institution of higher learning, that he is not a Ph. D., for he is not on the register of doctors of science of the Higher Attestation Commission, etc.):

      Viktor Petrik, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), Director of the Department of Strategic Research of the Russian Academy of National Security.
      Viktor Ivanovich Petrik was born in 1946 in Zhitomir (Ukraine).
      He graduated Leningrad State University (LGU) with a degree in psychology (1975).
      He began scientific work in 1972 as senior engineer of the LGU Institute of Physics, a scientific staff worker of the Bekhterev Scientific Research Institute, General Director of the 4T Incorporation Limited Liability Corp., General Director of the Infpro Closed Joint-Stock Company of the Presidential Programs Foundation, and President and Scientific Director of the RAEN Fullerenes Institute of Physics.
      The main areas of [his] scientific work are: fundamental research and the technologies of the use in the field of physics of the nucleus, fullerenes, nanocarbon structures, crystallography, and optical ceramics, anti-toxin compounds, and hydrocarbon absorbents with unique properties.
      He is the author of four scientific discoveries of world importance: "The Phenomenon of the Formation of Nanostructure Hydrocarbon Complexes", "The Phenomenon of the Magnetically-Ordered State of the Isotope Osmium-187 in a Ferromagnetic Matrix", "The Regularity of the Formation of Geometric Spatial Multidimensional Structure Using the Mathematical Algorithm of the Golden Ratio", and "The Phenomenon of Nuclear Spin Selectivity in Reversible Chemical Reactions with Graphenes".
      Doctor of Technical Sciences; Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of the Ecology of Human Security and Nature (MANEB); Professor; Vice President of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts, and Culture; Honorary Professor of the European University; and Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts.
      The author of more than 100 inventions protected by patent in various countries of the world. Awarded three P. A. Kapitsa "Author of a Scientific Discovery" medals, the St. Daniel Order of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov Jubilee medal.
      Married and is raising a son. Hobby: painting, portraits on gemstones, playing the violin, and yoga.
      Lives and works in the city of Vsevolozhsk, St. Petersburg Oblast**.

In our time Viktor Petrik is being called nothing other than an academician. One rarely hears that he is not an Academician of the RAN [Russian Academy of Sciences] but the RAEN, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Well, let us suppose. But what is this institution? We cite from an encyclopedia:

      The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences was created at a founding congress in Moscow on 31 August 1990.
      In comparison with the RAN (that is, with the "usual" Russian Academy of Sciences) the RAEN has an easier procedure for promoting scientific work (in particular, it keeps its own register of discoveries and issues its own diplomas about discoveries), and therefore scientists work under its aegis who have encountered difficulties in the official scientific hierarchy. The RAEN is also actively used to develop alternative scientific fields not recognized by official science, in particular alternative medicine***.

If only it were just alternative [medicine]. In the ranks of the RAEN among its most noted members are the phenomenal con man and swindler Grigory Grabovoy (he was quickly expelled after he was sentenced to 11 years in prison) and President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov (who was not even accepted in the Union of Journalists for lack of publications). Satirist Shenderovich expressed the acceptance of the latter into the active members of the RAEN this way:

      "In no way denying the contribution of Ramzan Kadyrov to the natural sciences, including a couple of unnatural ones, I just want to note that the choice of a Vice-President of the Russian Academy was apparently small. From the film 'Prisoner of the Caucasus', what did he say? He said, 'If you don’t agree, they will kill you'".

Then we see there Anatoly Timofeyevich Fomenko, apparently for his "New Chronology" in which he discovered that Batiy Khan was the father of Dmitry Donskoy. And Mamay Khan, the mother. It is true that Fomenko became a member of the RAN for real achievements in mathematics.

Here's one more academician of the RAEN, G. N. Dul'nev, who writes about search for some World Beyond, so "beyond" that, in his words, not a single physical instrument can register it. Dul'nev says that this imperceptible world manifests itself in telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and teleportation.

Well, who else? Yes, there's Valentin Nikitin, an academician of the RAEN and moreover a [Russian] Orthodox [Church] publicist, previously a regular author of "Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate".

Finally, academician of the RAEN Anatoly Akimov with his main discovery from which a simple Orthodox publicist bites his nails with envy. Anatoly Akimov discovered, "Imagine that physical constants appeared in the course of evolution. Impossible. Consequently, they were created by God".

For this he became an academician****.

But however picturesque the new Russian academicians are, our three-time Nobel non-laureate, academician of the RAEN Petrik, has eclipsed them all: he is not in the RAEN lists! He is not even an academician of the RAEN. His academic rank is perhaps noted in an especially secret world, a virtual one, in the ether, in a zephyr, in the vibration of a future universe, in thin strings, or the Garden of Academe. This is because he has well understood: there is no sense in manufacturing academic diplomas, although this is much simpler than engraving the images of ayatollahs on a superhard diamond and Patriarch Alexy II personally.

Yes and why not print something and make watermarks if it is now sufficient to say, "I am an academician" and everyone believes it. Why? Because Petrik is rich and has been rich for a long time. To put it bluntly, he is a multimillionaire. They even write that he is a billionaire. But if a rich Russian says that he is an academician, it means it is so. And this is easily proven with the payment of commissioned articles and TV programs. The press and TV has this form of survival: commercial publications and films "for publicity purposes". A minute costs $20,000 and prime time more. Petrik gives even more.

But where does such money come from? Does he indeed engrave it? Well, no, the experience of prison sciences says that this is all unnecessary and dangerous trouble involving a "government house". No, they bring him the money themselves. And they bring it!

Here we get to the most interesting part. To begin with, Petrik did not invent but brought to perfection an original method of proving the scientific nature of his discoveries. In his websites, in the commissioned articles, and TV presentations he or his public relations people talk all the time about his friendship with the strong of this world. With former presidents, with future presidents. With current emirs, with the eternal Patriarch. With active politicians of the highest rank. And there are photographs and films. A photo of Petrik and the first President Bush. Petrik and [Jeb] Bush, [former] Governor of Florida. Petrik and candidate McCain. Petrik and some American mayor (

It is hard to say whether it is the result of superfine engraving or he was actually photographed with them. In only one place in all the American sites is it said that a certain Russian inventor was in Miami and there is a mention of him in some American blog. That's all. But the journalist Meshcheryakov, a follower of Petrik who was hired by him, shows his photo in Kuwait, Singapore, South Korea, Spain at the V. I PETRIK ABROAD section at his panegyric site …It is good, too, that he's not among pygmies in Africa.

But not one scientist, if he is part of a photo, is named. The group photos do not allow one to see Petrik in them, although he is fat (see (

Even if you assume the photo of Petrik with McCain is genuine then doesn't this at least show the value of Petrik's discoveries to the slightest degree? In the US candidates and politicians in general meet thousands of people, and are photographed with them. Thousands of people could show their photos with Obama or McCain. Yes, and they put them in their personal albums or their MySpace site.

Petrik's compositions in the commercials about cleaning water of everything are very interesting. Moreover, as Petrik says, blue "live water" is obtained, which carries happiness and health. After drinking it you want nothing else, even champagne, cognac, or Spanish wine at $1000 a bottle.

We see a cylindrical container with water to which oil has been added, and then they throw in sand and rubble from a road. A flask is connected to a pipe and some metal box. Whatever is in the box is not shown. Then we see another edge of the box with a valve. A small stream pours from there into the glass and the genius of all times and peoples academician V. Petrik pours it out by himself. This is proof? With modern computer graphics one can show considerably more in commercials.

But Petrik's main achievement is the video scenes in which he is standing next to Minister Kirienko and State Duma Speaker Gryzlov. He is silent but they are praising Petrik's filters. Kirienko says that Petrik's industrial installations to cleanse water are being financed by his atomic ministry. Gryzlov also represents a state source. (For their phenomenal performances, see

Here is the explanation for Petrik's enormous capital. Besides the production of portraits of sheikhs on precious stones. There is a group of anonymous skilled people for this, these "Levsha Faberges" [Translator's note: a reference to Leskov's folk hero, a gifted, but poor, inventor], but their products goes under the name of the same academician (if is not at all a fabrication).

Viktor Ivanovich says that he intends to immediately do a portrait of Schwarzenegger, after he is his guest. "I respect him very much", says Petrik. "This is a bright, strong personality. And I would like to transfer his spirit, his strength. Pay attention, the strength in the films turned out not to be exaggerated! If a person has become a senator then the strength is internal. Moreover, many Americans are absolutely confident that he is a future President".

We are also paying attention: Petrik calls Gov. Schwarzenegger a senator and thinks that he might become President although he was not born in America. This is the same level of familiarity that the academician has with science.

The next follower writes:

      Petrik does not waste his talents. He makes portraits exclusively of prominent people of our time. Yeltsin, Putin, Mahatma Gandhi, George H. W. Bush…(we add there the Emir of Kuwait, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Patriarch Aleksy - V. L. )

and gives a fascinating sketch of how Petrik prepares the portraits:

      But all the same: how does Petrik cut the precious stones? He has demonstrated his technology only once when a very famous person was his guest, a doctor of technical sciences who dealt with cosmonautics. He begged that he wanted to see how it happen and Petrik unexpectedly agreed. He led the guest to his most secret part, the laboratory. When he saw that Petrik applied a birch twig to a precious stone and a trace remained on it he turned white as a sheet. This was a real shock, a very great frustration, and the guest vomited… (

Petrik himself writes about preparing his favorite gemstones:

      I cultivated a pure sapphire in a dish and only then added chromium…You understand that they added titanium, and they got a sapphire with a dark blue color; if you add chromium you get a red ruby…I initially cultivated a leucosapphire, pure and colorless…
      Then I returned this dish and poured 0.6% chromium on the surface…Is it true that when a problem is solved it becomes somewhat funny? And then you think, where's the science? But then you don't report the details about this...then the whole world does not understand until today…how this crystal can be synthesized…I have a letter from Swarovski in which their chief technologist offers me any money to buy two things from me: the ruby, and the technology of synthesizing and processing these stones, the one on which I make cameos. Well I am ready to hand over the ruby…But they want to buy in pairs...But this is…If I were poor I would sell, but today I'll refrain.
      It is a shame when you see and say everything frankly….and some kind of nonsense results…It all seems so simple to strangers …But, believe me, this is science…It is the birth of something new. I began to feel the crystals; I know that they want to become something else, to get a particular property…" (

Money still flows to the academician from his firm Gerakl [Hercules], which trades entirely in filters for the home and family. A businessman who fell for an advertisement says this about this Gerakl:

      "Recently a lot of news has appeared about the Gerakl filters. But now deliveries are being halted. The site says that the UVSR [Translator's note: see below for the expansion of this term] sorbent is not produced any more. Or have I been deceived? Possibly these are Gerakl filters and really - something unclean, for no one can clearly explain all this confusion around them. Not long ago there was nothing like this around the nanobatteries being sold; the organization simply vaporized. But this is not vaporizing. Academician Petrik is in the public eye right now. As a leader I have planned my own business, even down to large advertising outlays but, thank God, I didn't manage [these]. The question to V. I. Petrik is, can you explain what is happening? Why is the trading firm Gerakl nevertheless developing wonderfully (its own press service, advertising at the highest level) and suddenly it all disappeared…In any event, I won't make the same mistake twice!"

And now we recall some about the feats and the stages of the great path of Petrik's new boss, the wunderkind Kirienko.

Former Minister of the Fuel Industry, the Atomic Ministry, and Prime Minister. In the autumn of last year Kirienko was removed from the post of Minister of the Atomic Industry. Many though, "well, it's the end for him!". But no - in the spring he became the head of a new state corporation, Rosatom, essentially the Atomic Minister all the same. And in his entire path Kirienko has surrounded himself with crooks and psychics, astrologers, fortunetellers, and wizards. He himself is also a follower of the totalitarian obscurantist sect of Scientology.

Here's a quote, "In the past Sergey Kirienko was an oil king and turned to the "astral plane" for help and, most surprisingly, he received this help. An entire brigade of psychics worked at North Sea Oil, they filled several offices with horoscopes, handbooks on black magic, and other carefully selected objects for contact with forces on the other side. Psychics increased "the output of petroleum products in distillation plants. For the uninitiated the process seems plain and simple: psychics who made the necessary passes leaned over a drawing of a refinery traced on paper, concentrating cosmic rays around the distillation systems and expelling the bad aura of competitors. That's all". (

Well, to get clean water from dirty is simpler than increasing the yield of gasoline from oil, but oil - from water. Judging from everything, Duma Speaker Gryzlov is not far from Kirienko in his understanding of science.

Let's look at what his glorifiers write about Petrik at his bidding and with his money. Hold your breath and your seat.

      "Art critics and artists have gone to him in order to determine the time and authorship of a picture, and antique dealers and museum officials in order to get a specialist's advice. V. Petrik successfully mastered the secrets of hypnosis and he was destined for a brilliant career in the field of psychology. However V. Petrik's life abruptly changed. Whether from an ill fate or it was more advantageous for someone to extinguish a rising star but V. Petrik was accused of a crime he had not committed completely without justification, using blackmail, threats, and pressure on alleged witnesses and sent to a camp, to Siberia. Viktor Ivanovich does not like to talk about this difficult period of his life.
      There were many interesting ideas, cherished dreams, and creative plans in [his] head. But there was no money. It was necessary to earn some to buy the most needed equipment and conduct the first experiments. Having organized a little production in premises rented from the Oktyabrsky Railroad, V. Petrik began to produce various Empire-style furniture in a comparatively short time.
      It all began with osmium-187. The leadership of St. Petersburg, which was then headed by A. Sobchak, concerned about the shortage of money, found how to replenish the meager budget of the city. In literally six months a scientist, using his own abilities and funds, not to mention time, had created a technology to obtain osmium-187 from scrap ore in Kazakhstan. Eight grams were sent to the St. Petersburg mayor's office.
      Scientist Viktor Petrik had invented a means of manufacturing artificial aluminum-magnesium spinel from new materials, practically meeting all the requirements for artificial armor. Many military authorities recognize the importance of the combat ceramics technologies developed by academician Petrik.
      Scientists of various countries have beaten their heads for long years against the problem of the technology of separating platinum, osmium, rhodium, gold, silver, and other foreign metal impurities from raw materials, hundreds of millions of tons of which have accumulated in the world. But no one approached the solution of this problem more simply, more economically, more quickly, and more safely than academician V. Petrik. The essence of his method is surprisingly simple. Into an apparatus housed in two rooms and created by the scientist relatively recently they fill a concentrate reminiscent of carbon black containing about 60% of the metals of the periodic table, and pass a gas through it whose formula is being kept secret. The results are stunning - PLATINUM METAL of the highest quality and purity, 99.9%.
      During the tests in the Military Medical Academy of a hydrocarbon mix of high reactivity scientists came to the common opinion about the advisability of its use in medicine. The miraculous powder began the healing process of serious wounds of soldiers wounded in Chechnya in a very short time, cleansing the blood plasma.
      Viktor Petrik invented and has repeatedly demonstrated before the highest commissions his triple filter, the basis of which is a unique material capable of cleansing all possible contamination, oil and petroleum products, including destroying chemical warfare agents. The name of is substance is fullerene".
      A. Bondarenko, academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Arts and Sciences (and he is also an academician - V. L.) (

If the great scientist spent time in prison not for eight, but for 15 years, then the results would have been even more startling.

And now one more rapturous article.

      Viktor Ivanovich talked about his inventions for over two hours. Afterwards we headed to Ladoga so I could see with my own eyes the house and estate where this brilliant scientist lives. I will say right away that I did not get into the laboratories themselves in view of their strict secrecy. The entire grounds are guarded by government military subunits. It is typical that there is not one guard higher than major in rank. But nevertheless I managed to see something.
      Petrik's team brought with them the world's only generator of its kind to produce UVSR (hydrocarbon mixture of high reactive capacity) and completely cleansed a contaminated water area in a total of three days. When water samples were taken from the Il'men after three days the results were stunning - the water turned out to be cleaner than before the accident.
      Right in the yard around his house Viktor Ivanovich has placed some graphite on a heated stove placed in a basin with contaminated water. And in front of my eyes the substance blazing up with myriads of sprays, multiplied - a rupture of interatomic bonds in a solid substance occurred which, as specialists say, is only possible with the energy of a nuclear explosion. The small quantity of graphite, slightly cracked, began to break, and turned into an airborne foamy mass often called "carbon foam [penouglerod]". This "wadding" growing before my eyes covered the oil spot and, like a sponge, absorbed it into itself. Afterwards this porous mass was easily collected from the water surface and wrung out. The oil again was put to use, but the carbon foam remained fit for a second use! It is important that the mixture is absolutely safe for people, even eat it - says the academician.
      And, in Petrik's words, you need a total of 20 kg of UVSR in order to collect a ton of oil from the surface of the water. The cost of such work in laboratory conditions is a total of $10 per kilogram of powder.
      The number 0.618, which determines the golden section and which Leonardo de Vinci (SIC - V. L.) once called the "golden mean", helped our academician. All science and architecture of those times was based on this phenomenon. Petrik succeeded in completely recreating the design of building a violin with the aid of this magic number. And you would see how animatedly Viktor Ivanovich once again proved the dependence of various parameters of the violin on this magic number with a hand calculator.
      Continuing manipulations with the number Petrik obtained the design of the pyramid of Cheops, even to the chamber of the priestess and the innumerable underground passages. He thinks that the Egyptian pyramids were never tombs - "this is a generator, a resonator of life, this is why people then lived 130-140 years".
      Academician Petrik has installed such a generator-resonator on his estate.
      People have long since learned to grow artificial amethysts, sapphires, and emeralds…But a collection of stones was shown me, portraits of various famous people on those same precious stones. Very hard ones. And very large, each is more than 100 carats. And, as they thought until now, only capable of being cut by a diamond.
      In the words of the academician, he can create an artificial work or make a copy of any classical and modern creation on an stone with absolute accuracy, even on diamond. His method is different than the highest modern achievements in the field of processing hard substances such as ultrasonic and laser technology, which are not capable of conveying the finest details of an image.
      Viktor Ivanovich made me an emerald gift to the mayor of Moscow in gratitude for his understanding. Patriarch Alexy III (SIC - V. L.) of All Russia found his embodiment in an amethyst.
      For a long time Petrik has taken a great and very serious interest in the effect of the golden section algorithm, the number 0.618, called the "golden mean" by Leonardo da Vinci. A new structure of water has been created with his aid - absolutely pure, light blue in color, but with a taste reminding one of fresh birch syrup.
      Olga Pavuk (

But the biggest nonsense is collected on a website dedicated to Petrik personally. This is the site of his holding company, "Zolotaya Formula [Gold Formula]",

It is interesting that all the discoveries and patents like, for example, "The Phenomenon of the Formation of Nanostructure Hydrocarbon Complexes" (Award N? 163 for V. I. Petrik's Discovery) exist only at Petrik's site, and nowhere else.

All right, enough. Such serious nonsense can influence only a catalyptic old woman or Minister Kirienko and Speaker Gryzlov.

Now Petrik stresses all the time that he has discovered a hydrocarbon, a new class of hydrocarbon modifications - fullerenes, that he is almost a pioneer of nanotechnology, a field which became a political credo after Putin declared it a priority in Russian science, and he is known for loyalty to Putin and Medvedev.

Academician Petrik does not distinguish too much between the concepts of atom and molecule (as is evident because of their infinitesimal dimensions). One can completely talk about the molecules of a hydrocarbon and atoms of water. Generally he talks "about science", it is a collection of all sorts of terms and words which he does not understand, but which create around him the aura of "a brilliant scientist" with the aid of hired journalists and bosses like Kirienko "bought for a fraud". (Look at the fresh custom-made advertisement): )

Judging from the entourage, the universalist has invested no less than $150,000 in it. He appears in it as the mass manufacturer of Stradivarius violins, as an outstanding violinist, the manufacturer of any gemstone, the engraver of highly artistic portraits by a method unknown in the world, a great physicist in the field of nanotechnology, the savior of America from a certain gasoline additive, MBTE (which, it need to be said, was never added at gasoline stations), and so forth in the same exciting spirit. Everything was removed in the nearest boiler room with pipes and valves which were obliged to emphasize the unique Petrik installations, enlisting small crowds of Japanese and a couple of Americans who had temporarily come to St. Petersburg representing scientists.

Petrik himself says much in his new advertisement. There are pearls in it. The first pearl is: I sprinkle a hydrocarbon compound with a secret liquid and it bulks up, creating an absorbent. We break the bonds between the atoms without any loss of energy (!). The second: I am the first in the world to be able to get gemstones of any size and color. In nature a ruby is obtained from the depths of the Earth at the highest pressure, temperature, and the highest vacuum (!!!).

In the accompaniment to the film the academician writes:

      "There is nothing more terrible on Earth than capitalism. This is purely dog eat dog. [These] principles cannot exist in it: a person is a person's friend, comrade, and brother. No moral principles can exist in it because it is a struggle for survival. This is a system in which morality is warped and distorted, and replaced. Today this has reached absolutely monstrous proportions in the West. My absolute confidence is that sooner or later this system will be replaced by a more progressive one, a Communist one! This is my absolute opinion".

However, listen yourself to his speech about how he invented a new principle of energy for the automobile, built a VIP auto, or Viktor Ivanovich Petrik's electric car. Attention, this is Petrik himself speaking, and not his followers.

      "I take my generator, yesterday they burned it, but it's already stopped on the porch…You will see it now…They seized and pinned me at first in America, at the airport, in New York…in Washington…because when they saw all this in the bag…wires sticking out, a transformer inside…their eyes grew wide…
      But I have always had on top photographs with the President of America…in different poses...And all the customs officers approached and said, "Can I be photographed with you?" (He laughs). And they let me pass.
      But in the process they pushed around inside with a finger…They forced me to remove the cover and evidently they broke the wires…I then turned it on and it warmed up. See, it's scorched…I lay on my stomach in the hotel for two days and welded it completely and restored everything.
      Well, a bunch of extra wires appeared. It weakened somewhat but I did it.
      This was an absolute shock for American scientists…One scientist, a very famous scientist, very spitefully said, "And don’t call me anymore!", slammed the door and left.
      I was happy to see all this! What did I do? A generator which is powered from an electrical grid. The losses are absolutely small.. It forms…a certain wave…which forms around any necessary object which you specify…Imagine, a long fishing line is laying under asphalt. A wave organizes itself and thickens itself around the specified object. A standing wave. Don't try to understand anything! It is not realistic to understand it! And as soon as you get knowledge there will be a failure, it will be bad, it will be sickening, it will be unpleasant…nothing will come of it! Because this is all that you see today...if, of course, it is of interest to you.
      So, the wire is broken! There is no closed circuit, there is nothing! This might be a fishing line, this might be a very thin wire, of any thickness…I ordered only a one-millimeter wire in order to lay it around my own area…[1 mm] in diameter. That’s all! No hydrogens [SIC] are necessary! We sent energy directly from the source to the automobile!
      Yes, my vibrator…amazing energy! You will also see it…But the truth is, I have one feature…for example, the automobile has a small flag. This flag consists of specially made fiber…inside lies a receiver…a copper foil…if it's not there the automobile doesn’t run".

Is any commentary necessary?

And however the main achievement of Petrik (which Kirienko also talks about) is "A Means of Industrial Production of a Hydrocarbon Mixture of High Reactive Capability by a Cold Deconstruction Method and a Device for its Implementation". Patent N? 2163883. Priority of 30 September 1999.

Petrik actually has some carbon filter. However he confuses the means of manufacturing a wondrous powder. The signature under the photograph says: V. I. Petrik demonstrates UVSR production to foreign guests on a sheet of iron and in a bucket:

Yes, that's it, right from graphite in a yard in a bucket. Such are the horizons of the latest nanotechnology according to Petrik and Kirienko.

I'll give brief reference material from authoritative sources about nanotechnology, nanocarbon, and the fullerene which Petrik supposedly invented.

      Nanotechnology - an interdisciplinary field of fundamental and applied science and technology having to do with the totality of the theoretical justification, practical methods of research, analysis and synthesis, and also the methods of production and use of products with a given atomic structure by the controlled manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.
      We have long encountered nanotechnology. For example, chips and processors in computers, CD's, DVD's, and flash drives.
      A new term, "nanocarbon", has already been used in world scientific literature to designate a family consisting of various types of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nanographite, nanodiamonds, and carbon "bulbs".
      Both fullerenes and nanotubes are hollow carbon clusters. The most popular and studied fullerenes of 60 and 70 atoms of carbon (C60 and C70) are similar in form to the surface of a traditional soccer ball and American football, that is their shape is close to spherical. [Translator's note: In fact, American footballs are prolate spheroids]. Only, the diameter of these balls is about 0.7 nanometers. Nanotubes are cylindrical in form; the length can be a thousand times that of the diameter which is also about 0.7 nanometers. Therefore the "little covers" of such cylinders can be "half" fullerenes.
      It is interesting that the first drawing in the two page article of Harold Kroto, Richard Smalley, and Robert Curl about the discovery of fullerenes published in the journal Nature in 1984 for which they were given the Nobel Prize in 1996 was that of a soccer ball.
      The classical fullerene of 60 atoms of carbon (similar to a soccer ball, in the corners of which the carbon atoms are the covers) was theoretically predicted in the USSR in 1972 by researchers of the USSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Elementary Organic Compounds in Moscow D. Bochvar, Ye. Galperin, and I. Stankevich. But the first publication appeared in a one-page article of Japanese scientist Eiji Osawa in 1970. In 1992, at the initiative of St. Petersburg scientists (S. Kozyrev, V. Lemanov, and A. Ya. Vul'), there were combined into a scientific search program supported by the RF Ministry of Industry, Science, and Technology. At the very first conferences in 1993 and 1995 in St. Petersburg all the trailblazers of world science in fullerenes and nanotubes came - Kroto, Kretchmer with [Hoffman], Stankevich from Moscow, and Osawa with Iijima from Japan.

As you see, not one word was said about Petrik.

How does one explain the versatility of Petrik? By just one thing: he throws a sensation "at the people", for example, the manufacture of Stradivarius violins. He takes all the "gravy" from this undertaking, tramples down an area, and switches to another. For example, he announces the discovery of the century, the production of gemstones of any form. He tramples down this plot of land and jumps to the next, say, the invention of miracle filters. In the article I have not named even half of his fantasy breakthroughs. But believers in miracles will always be found. People believed in Mavrodi's financial pyramid up to the collapse itself and many still believe. They believed in the miracle of Communism and after 1980 when the promised paradise had still not come.

Why has the promised exhibit of his gems with portraits not been held in the Louvre? Where are the kilograms of produced superexpensive osmium-187? Where did the clear armor of his overcoat go? Well, these friends let him down and enemies interfered… Envious people.

How long will the games of the genius Petrik with the people continue? As long as he is alive or as long as the "academician" has support in the form of the Patriarch, the FSB, and the leadership of the Duma and Rosatom?

However, it must be admitted that Petrik is a unique figure and, in some sense, outstanding. I think that he will eclipse the noted scam artist Cagliostro. He will eclipse Lysenko. Stalin and Khrushchev also supported them. But at least Lysenko believed in his nonsense, and this person doesn't. He cannot fail to understand that he is engaging in a large-scale swindle in which the former premier and now the main atomic chief Kirienko can be placed next to him or perhaps above him. And both of them will become a memorial to the monstrous "scientific" Rasputin era which has seized Russia.

Valery Lebedev

Translated by Gary Goldberg

Notes of the website editor

* A text has been abridged.

** In fact, Leningrad Oblast'.

*** This is the difference between the titles of the RAN and the RAEN; see also in the article by Mikhail Akhmanov, "A Flattering Title"

**** Not just for this. Akimov "has become famous" also in the field of so-called torsion technologies.