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Saint Petersburg Branch of the Russian Humanist Society
"Zdraviy Smysl" ("Common Sense") Magazine Selected Articles.
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The pressue from pseudoscience is not diminishing 10.10.2009

An abridgment of the foreword to Bulletin N5, In Defense of Science, of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Commission to Combat Pseudoscience and the Falsification of Scientific Research written by Academician Eh. P. Kruglyakov, its chairman.

A Brief Guide to Science Charlatanism 21.04.2009

Arkady Golod discusses signs by which one can distinguish real scientific works from those of pseudoscientific charlatans.

We're Already 10 23.03.2009

Gennady Shevelev recounts the origin and efforts of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Humanist Society in the 10 years of its existence.

The Fraud, or "academician" Petrik in Rasputin's Russia 20.11.2008

Valery Lebedev critically examines some of V. I. Petrik's claims of scientific achievements.

The history of the twenty-first century: a novel 15.11.2008

"It is a joy to present my novel "2085" for your attention. It has already found an active readership in Russia. This success, I am convinced, could be replicated among Western readers, as the book deals with vital issues that all civilizations must confront in the twenty-first century." (Z. Oskotsky)

Freedom of speech, the fight against pseudoscience, and "journalistic ethics" 28.07.2008

"Speaking on 29 May at the general meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) V. V. Putin noted in particular, "I consider it the civic and professional duty of scientists to maintain constant communication with the mass media in the fight against pseudoscience, obscurantism, prejudice, and extremism". Reading these words I felt satisfaction but a feeling of bitterness arose at the same time". (Academician V. Ginzburg)

A Worthy Life 11.07.2008

"A code of universal human recommendations regarding wise and proper human behavior is offered which is harmonized with the laws of nature and society". (I. Rebrova)

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