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"Zdraviy Smysl" ("Common Sense") Magazine Selected Articles.
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Lies on Television; How Do They Happen? 27.05.2008
Academician Ye. Aleksandrov recounts the correspondence following his appearance on a Russian TV program skewed toward presenting poltergeists as real entities and speculates on the motives of the producers.
Freedom of Conscience of Russian Government Officials 12.05.2008
G. Shevelev examines the contradictions between the requirements of Russian law and the actions of Russian presidents, including new President D. Medvedev.
Undercover "Science" 11.04.2008
Academician Eh. Kruglyakov discusses dubious projects proposed for Russian government funding, the clericalization of Russian society, and the mass media and the public's attitude toward science.
What Pseudoscientists are Leading Russia To 06.04.2008
Pseudoscience took such firm root in our society that the Russian Academy of Sciences had to create a special commission to combat this phenomenon. A Vechernyaya Moskva observer Dmitriy Anokhin talked with the chairman of the unusual body, Academician of the RAN Eh. Kruglyakov.
A Clash of Opinions 04.04.2008
"Many scientists are seriously concerned about the continuing clericalization of our society, that is, the intrusion of religious organizations into those areas of public life which lie outside their legal competence. We prepared the letter to the President in order to express our concern. Russia ought to remain a secular country and that religion is the private affair of its citizens". (A group of scientists)
The Substance and the Commotion Over the Matter of the Academicians 11.01.2008
"The "letter of the 10 academicians" is a milestone in the recent history of Russian consciousness and self-awareness. It not only helped us to stop in time and think how far we have retreated from some of our achievements in the fields of culture and education, but also helped leaders at various levels to adopt more considered decisions about fundamental questions of educational policy." (V. Kuvakin)
A Charade About Science 07.01.2008
A. Sergeyev argues for science to help the mass media popularize itself and warns that if this is not done the public will cease to support science.
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