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Issue 20

Editor’s Notes

  • Need For Moral Reconstruction: A call to return to the all-human values in order to change the attitudes both state and mass media in Russia toward the problem of human rights and dignity.

Toward the International Congress “Science, Antiscience and the Paranormal”

  • Yurii Efremov in his Trustworthiness and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge discusses the basic features of the contemporary science in contrast to the properties of religious and paranormal beliefs.
  • Anastasia Mitrofanova in her Religious Irrationalism as a Thread of the International Security points out that more and more terrorist type of religious sects look for the means of massive destruction in their plans to bring about the ideas of Apocalipses.
  • On Believe and Doubt - Vladimir Kosarev gives the realistic and optimistic interpretation of the role of doubt in human knowledge.

Humanist Dictionary

  • In his essay Sentimentalism and Aesthetism Alexander Kruglov notices that both these two phenomena mean the human habit to get some pleasure from seeing and feeling of the troubles of other people. The author tries to explain the roots of these human abilities.

“Secular Humanists of Saint-Petersburg”

Faith In a Light of Reason

  • Bring Back the Genuine Science on the Air! About a successful Saint-Petersburg humanists’ initiative: a renewed radio cicle “Science & Anti-science” on the air of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Vladimir Nikitin The Role of Religion in Human and Social Life. The problem of the role of religion deserves a lot of volumes of investigations. The author dwells upon some of its aspects.
  • Mikhail Konashev Science & Religion: J. Huxley & F.G. Dobrzhansky. The problem of correlation between science and religion is a controversial issue. One of the crucial points in these debates is the theme of scientists’ religiosity. Positions of the two famous biologists are of special interest.
  • Mikhail Bogoslovsky What is Jesus Christ Responsible For? The priesthood is convinced that the God is perfect in such a degree that everything he does is right. But are all Jesus Christ’s actions justifiable from the point of view of the human (and divine as well) morals?

Against Antiscience

  • Peter Trevogin. Look at These Prankstern – Phisicists! A response to V. Nizovtsev’s article, which asserts that all inapprehensible for him branches of modern physics are just inventions and jokes of some “exalted hoaxers”.
  • Gennady Shevelev “Physicists” from the Shaping-Center. It’s a calamity if ludicrous and unwarranted accusations against the genuine science and appeals for return to pre-scientific (that is to say, religious) view of the world will enter in immature minds.
  • “Correctors of the Bio-field” are Officially Legalized. An interview of representatives of Saint-Petersburg department of the RHS with the vice-chief of the Board of Health, Saint-Petersburg.

Culture and Religion

  • Svyatoslav Loginov Some Reflections on Forthcoming Reformation of the Russian Language. “In my books I attack the church and the notion of god in this or that manner. Well, shall I write religious terms with a capital letter? Surely I shall – but only when I wish to mock the notions of “God”

Literary Pages

  • Mikhail Chulaky The Lord’s Great Football. Abstracts from a new novel (with the same title) of Saint-Petersburg writer.

Realities of Humanism

  • The New Charter of RHS
  • Howard Lee Parsons: 1918 - 2000


  • Zinovii Tenenboim God is not an Autobus!
  • Over the Pages of “Free Inquiry”