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Issue 21

Editors notes

  • Valerii Kuvakin offers to the readers his thoughts On Russia and Humanism. He considers the first dramatic and painful steps of the country on a road of freedom as the most important and promising precondition of mastering of the Humanist values.

Toward the International Congress Science, Antiscience, and the Paranormal

  • In a form of Affirmation of Principals Paul Kurtz gives the foundations of the idea of The New Skepticism, which is constructive, overcomes nihilism, and provides the solid ground for the critical study of all realms of the human conduct and Universe.
  • Sergei Kapitsa Science In the Popular Culture and Antiscience. Author warns against growing pressure of pseudoscience on the peoples mind. It becomes especially dangerous when some governmental structures support this tendency. Scientific community and mass media are responsible for protection science and reason.

Humanist Dictionary

  • Alexander Kruglov raises the question: What is the Moral Relativism? Whether it is the hidden cynicism or the natural and spontaneous adherence of humankind to the real good in the unique life situations?

ABC of Humanism

  • Gerald A. Larue in his Are the Ten Commandments Relevant Today? shows that these Commandments reflect the level of the primitive culture and do not correspond to the todays moral standards and knowledge.

Against Contemporary Charlatanism

  • Yurii Serdukovs Critical Review of the New-Cultist Methodology discloses the social and psychological roots of the expansion of new mysticism into public life and market of services.

Humanism and Culture

  • Vladimir Nikitin Religious Studies or Theology? The author believes that the mail goal of religious studies in high school is to understand of the freedom of conscientiReligious Studies for Theology violates the principles of Universal declaration of human rights and Constitution of Russian Federation.
  • Givi Givishvili in the paper Science between Humanism and Religion insists that the object of any religion is conservation of cultural status quo. In contrary, the humanist mission of science is promoting of all-embracing cultural progress of society and every single personality.

Humanism and Globalism

  • Igor Borzenko Organic and Noospherical Humanism: the Problem of the Ultimate Beginnings. According to the author

The Point of View

  • Igor Blatov Does God exist? Specialist in biomedical electronics compares the activity of human psychology with the functioning computer. This analogy helps him to clarify the nature of consciousness and revise the notions soul and God.


  • Vladimir Rubtsov Thoughts on Religions, Christianity, and Church. The former believer gives a chance to the readers to look at his intimate unusual and bitter experience of religious life for 15 years.
  • Alexander Suvorov in his brilliant essay Education By thr Art of Love proves the real need and power of all-human values talking about his own experience as a blind and deaf teacher.
  • V.N. Nikitin (1931 - 2001)