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Issue 23

Our Common Cause

  • Valerii Kuvakin in his address to the Moscow Civil Forum defines Secular Humanism As a General Ground For the Civil Concord In Society

The Price of the Life Stance Is the Human Life

  • Babu Gogineni, Executive Director of IHEU calls to save Dr. Younas Shaikh, Pakistani freethinker and educator.
  • Dr. Shaikh writes from death cell: “My convictions for the truth of our life stance are indeed unshakeable and unbeatable”

Humanist Dictionary

  • Alexander Kruglov compares two human sentiments: The Dread of God And Call of Conscience. The first one makes a human being something small and irresponsible. The second one gives personality the way to be humane, active, and creative.

The Great Humanists of the XXth Century

  • Fatima Demilkhanova in her paper The Albert Schweitzer’s Ethics clarifies how the very life can be the highest value and foundation for tolerance and peace among people.

Topic of the Day

  • In her review Anastasia Mitrofanova analyses the Religious Terrorism. Her conclusion is rather pessimistic. She believes that the current politization of religions is only beginning of their transformations into the global threat for the world stability.

Science and False Science

  • Eugenie Eidelman in his paper Where is the Border Between the Scholars and Charlatans? offers the criteria for the demarcation between these types of individuals.

Realities of Humanism

  • Zulfiya Tazhurizina writes about today’s developments in a flied of organized Atheism and Humsnism in Russia.
  • Stanislav Lar’kov offers his idea to treat the Russian Humanist Society As a School of the Proper Citizenship.
  • Civil Society of Russia As Humanist Project: Proposal of RHS to the second Saint-Petersburg Civil Forum.

Reason and Faith

Two prominent Academicians criticize the attempt to destroy the borders between science and religion

  • Vitalii Ginzburg Science and Religion In the Contemporary World
  • Eugenie Feinberg Witness for Science.


  • Vice-President of RHS, Academician Garry Abelev is Laureate of the Charity Foundation “Triumph”.

The Reader’s Letter

  • Boris Mokhov What is the Devise OBERON? Autor tells about the “medical” equipment which does not help people to recover.
  • Sergey Skorodumov ”The Beneficial Measures” For the Sake of the Unified-Minded Society. It is the story how some Orthodox Church ideologists accuse the famous Russian artists and poets for their “connections” with the diabolic powers.

Literary Pages


  • Vladimir Shoikher Brevity is the Talent’s Dream’


  • Svetlana Neugodova
  • Ludmila Oknazova
  • Anatolii Kozhukhov