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Saint Petersburg Branch of the Russian Humanist Society
"Zdraviy Smysl" ("Common Sense") Magazine Elected Articles
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Issue 25

  • Valerii Kuvakinís editorial Humanism As an Instrument of the Moral Reconstruction calls for the realization of the ethical and psychological, and intellectual recourses of Humanism at schools and universities. The textbook Basics of Contemporary Humanism could provide a good initial impulse in this process.


  • In The Power and the Sacred, Alexander Kruglov argues that, for the archaic mind, any natural force is sacred, in the sense of being unknowable and requiring coaxing. The real, original object of any religious cult is Power, rather than Truth or Good


  • Ruslan Hasarzar offers the chapter from his manuscript The Son of Humankind. It deals with the historical and skeptical investigation of the details of the Jesus Christís Crucifixion
  • Nikita Kozlov discloses the depth of Fyodor Dostoevskyís Humanism. It was a new moral intervention into the inner universe of human beings. After that we could see the new dimensions of both moral values and dark sides of our potentials
  • Yurii Mironov entitled his paper Pravedností and Humanism as the Reconstructive Values for Russia. He points out that Russian Humanists should not only borrow new Western concepts but also use old Russian ones like Pravedností, which describes the unity of truth, knowledge, and good conduct



Invited Editor Professor H. James Birx (Canisius College, USA)

  • H. James Birx Charles Darwin / Discovering the Fact of Evolution. Summary in English
  • David Alexander Lukaszek Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Charles Darwin, & Thomas Aquinas: Evolutionary View of Ethics and Nature. Summary in English
  • H. James Birx Stephen Jay Gould / In Darwin's Shadow. In Memoriam of the Scientist
  • Nikolai Vorontsov The development of Evolutionary Ideas in Biology. Summary in English


  • Valerii Kuvakin Summer Events. This is a review of the major actions, in which Russian Humanist Society participated or organized: summer school at the Center for Inquiry (Amherst, USA), summer seminar for the regional leaders of RHS, opening the Center for Inquiry at Moscow State Open University (Kolomna, Moscow region), participation in the jubilee meeting of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (Amsterdam), participation in the 3ed Russian Philosophical Congress (Rostov-on-Don)
  • Alexander Razin discusses the most important topics of the International Humanist Congress, which was held in Amsterdam in the summer of 2002
  • Evgenii Smetanin writes about his impressions of the round table organized by the International Human Rights Assembly (Moscow) and devoted to the state-church relations. He thinks that this is the time of Wakefulness for the resistance to the church expansion into the secular spheres of the Russian society
  • Michail Chulaki: 1941 Ė 2002


  • Lev Fontalinís critical examination of Alexander Solzenitsinís book 200 Years Together discloses Judophobia Under the Cover of a Historic Study
  • Garry Abelev writes On Alexander Solzenitsinís Book 200 Years Together revealing the authorís anty-Jewish sentiments and biases


Marina Tsvetaevaís 110 Years Anniversary

  • Verses: Marina Tsvetaeva, Anna Akhmatova, and Evgenii Glushakov